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Friday, January 01, 2010 10:09 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

Renteria-75We are at the beginning of a new decade and many opportunities. I start 2010 harvesting my knowledge with an urge to sharing it with you.

Here I am in this photo 35 years ago, a Marine corporal, taking part of a desert field exercise at 29 Palms CA. I was stationed at Marine Air Base 11, Marine Air Group 16, El Toro CA.

I would have never thought I would be doing what I am doing now and I had other plans. I was only 18 years old and at that age, well, I know I am not alone when I admit, the moment was my future if you know what I mean.

As time passsed, I was exposed to many things, my experience and maturity developed and a new meaning of what my future is unfolded.

RENTERIA-GULF WAR 91.jpgFast forward 16 years to 1991 to the Gulf War and here I am in this photo at El Kibrit, now a Marine warrant officer and taking part of a war. My duties changed and my responsilities multiplied. In both tours I accounted for manpower and personnel. The first experience was to track Marines to ensure daily accountability, a paper intensive process and time consuming. The second experience, I was held directly accountable for over 14,000 Marines in a time of war leveraging technology, this was a turning point for me.

I started to realize the value of many things. I recognized that every service member had one thought during a war environment and that thought is the safety of their family and frineds back home. During war, a warrior focuses on the battlefield and prepared to sacrifice the ultimate gift, life, for others to enjoy the land of the free. A compelling thought to consider for the new decade.

This period of time influenced what I wanted to achieve in my lifetime. I learned that all those that serve are skilled with doing anything they set themselves to do. We all have a business acumen and don't even know it! Yes, we were all trained to tracking something, getting the task at hand completed and to use whatever resources we can garner to complete the mission. 

I want to ask you to join me today to make a difference in your community. I need your help to reachout to all those that you know and ask them a simple question "Do you know a Veteran?" Do you know if the Veteran is enjoying what they have earned for serving our Country? How can you confirm that? Simple, ask the Veteran if they have a VA card like the one below. And if they don't, send them our way. We will guide them to get their VA card. This is our starting point to eradicating the notion of a homeless Veteran. And perhaps to guiding them to become a Veteran business owner! Will you help me?


We have three centers and our total monthly operating cost for all three centers does not exceeed $3,000. We have negotiated a low cost for rent and this cost includes cable, phone and utilities. Each center is manned by volunteers. We need your financial support to keep our doors open and to open more doors. As we eradicate the notion of homeless Veterans we are encouraging our Veterans to become a business owner and to prosper in your community. Donations can be made online or by check to SWVBRC and mailed to P.O. Box 1025, Fallbrook, CA 92088-1025. Help us help your City make a difference in 2010!

DOD Welcome home-small.jpg A welcoming home for our Troops.

Welcoming home our men and women doesn't end after the crowd disperses, it MUST continue on for the life of the Veteran! They've served us, now we will serve them with programs that work so they reintegrate into society.

We are a national public benefit nonprofit organization that educates American Communities about best practices to serve Veterans.  We honor their service by empowering Veterans to apply their training and skills to successfully transition to productive careers and enterprises.

We provide free vocational training 24/7 to all of our members through our website, in addition to local events.  We believe the tenet that American Communities are the ultimate beneficiaries when Veterans claim their benefits and invest in productive endeavors.

The SWVBRC enlists the support of members of local Communities like you to increase Veteran awareness of the value of obtaining a VA card and receiving earned benefits.

Sponsorships, donations, volunteers and support from communities like yours enable us to reach out to Veterans and empower them to transition back into successful, productive enterprises that ultimately benefit all Americans and support future generations.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center, Inc. is an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A donation to SWVBRC, Inc. is deductible to the extent permitted under law.

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