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Friday, December 25, 2009 14:05 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

ALBERT R RENTERIA 8 YOI just completed my thought, but as life is what it is, I lost it as my system froze and with it my written words gone! Imagine that! I always wonder why this happens to me and it does so often.

No matter, I know I won't be able to replicate what I first thought. I have captured the moment as a realization that every second in life has its meaning and necessitates the harvesting of our knowledge.

Today is celebrated around the world and a giving celebration it is. I have been blessed to have traveled the world many times. The gifts have been abundant. Not a tangible gift, but one of lasting value, my experiences. I am a believer of passing on gifts and I pray that I always have a means to do so.

I often reach backwards to understand my past and like you, I either read something I wrote or scurry through photos for a glimpse of my memories. I want to share a memory of my past and it is this photo of me taking my holy communion at age 8. I have vivid memories of that day and my prayer was simple. To always have the strength and courage to give what little I have to as many that I can reach.

Today, I thank you for the gift of knowing you. We met at some point and why you are getting my email. Who would have thought we can meet someone and not eye to eye.

As we end 2009, I reflect on what we have achieved. We have three centers across the country and have grown to be a national organization in about 18 months with the least amount of cost. Evidence that prayers are heard and my strength and courage perpetuating.

The New Year is only days away and as you contemplate your aim for 2010 do consider our aim to eradicate the notion of a homeless Veteran. We are determined to achieve that aspiration by 2035 and with your support of any kind will fuel us. Your thoughts and prayers are invaluable and we accept them as the greatest gift.

rippleWe are all a pebble in an ocean of hope and create many ripples that intersect to create giant waves that will wipe clear the causes that denies a Veteran the rights to enjoy life and give a new life for serving a Great Nation that empowers its people the Freedoms to live their life within the laws of our land.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

P.S. If you are interested to learn how best to support our aim, please send me an email.


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